Submit Delaware County Flood Damage Here

Delaware County Emergency Management Agency has created a form for citizens and businesses to submit any damage they have sustained from the flood event that began Friday, June 26th.
To submit a damage report, use this form:
Use the above link to report damages to homes, businesses, or infrastructure. Add pictures of the visible damage at the bottom of the form. The link can be used from your Smartphone or PC.

Downtown Portland Flooded

In Portland, for the second time this month, Meridian Street flooded, leaving downtown merchants and volunteers scrambling to sandbag in an effort to save their businesses. The call for sandbagging volunteers went out Friday. They were able to slow the rise of water which ended up leaving the downtown area in feet of water.

Parts Of Madison County Hit Hard By Rains

Parts of Anderson saw 3-point-6-7 inches of rain in just 24 hours, Lapel with more than two-and-a-half and Alexandria with more than an inch. White River at Anderson had risen to more than14 feet by mid-afternoon Saturday. Flood stage is considered 10 feet. Madison County law enforcement says there were a few areas where streets were closed, but did not report any unusual flood-related incidents.

Kayakers Rescued From White River

Firefighters were perched above the White River Sunday afternoon, rescuing two kayakers who decided it was a good idea to go boating in the rain-swollen river. They were unharmed. Officials say they had been holding onto a log for about five hours after they capsized. While the fast-moving water may be tempting to boating enthusiasts, first responders warn to stay away.

Flooding Affecting Local Farmers

The flooding is not only affecting cities and towns, but also area farmers.
According to preliminary estimates by the Purdue Extension, June flooding has wiped out three-to-five-percent of Indiana‘s corn & soybean crop and two-percent of wheat. Farmers in counties which lose 30-percent of their crop are eligible for disaster aid from the U-S Department of Agriculture. Officials are in the middle of calculating those numbers.

New Superintendent & Principal At Monroe Central

The Monroe Central School District school board has voted to hire a new superintendent and high school principal. Adrian Moulton – principal of Monroe Central Jr./Sr. High School for 11 years – has been named as superintendent. The board also hired Scott Ritchie as principal of the high school. Previously, Ritchie was principal of Knightstown High School for six years.

Delaware County Has New Royalty

Wapahani High School graduate Courtlinn Boggs was named Miss Delaware County during The Queen Pageant at the Delaware County Fairgrounds Saturday night. Queen Boggs will reign over the Delaware County Fair and 4-H activities July 13-25, and will represent the county in the Indiana State Fair Queen pageant.